WWP programs

connect to your creative essence and wisdom

Introduction to WWP programs

WWP offers programs and retreats to inspire women to connect to their creative essence, wisdom and their inner leadership.
We want to encourage them to transform their reality and consequently of their community to a more compassionate, inclusive and caring world. Each in their own divine way.
All woman; entrepeneurs, students, mothers, younger and older sisters are welcome in our programs and community.

12 week course

September 2020 (Saturdays 13-17 hrs)

This fall, WWP offers a specially developed 12 week course for woman entrepreneurs who are temporarily in financial distress. The aim of the course is to restore self-confidence, increase mental resilience and set new goals with regard to their entrepreneurship and being women.

Participation is free thanks to the financial support of the municipality of Amsterdam. Read on for more information and the conditions for participation.


Read more about Natasja’s WWP mission to help entrepeneurs at Strijders.

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wonder woman retreat

October/November 2020 (7 days-6 nights)

Wonder Woman Projects starts this Fall with a liberating retreat under the starry sky of Jordan. Deepen awareness in the valley of the moon. It’s vastness, beauty and stillness allowing for a courageous and gentle unfolding of your hearts truth and the Wisdom of our Womb. This week especially with Full Moon energy!



two day training 2020 – Dutch

Character Structures

Knowledge about the character structures provides insight into your own thinking and behavioral patterns that have their origin in childhood. In addition to insight into yourself, the theory also provides more insight into the nature and behavior of others.
The structures are a wonderful, well-ordered system of our defenses against pain and rejection. Theoretical and practical working of the character structures gives you insight into common human themes and how they affect human behavior. Working with people’s internal beliefs and emotions is delicate and subtle work. The structures offer thorough explanations of our behavior on a physical, emotional and mental level, which creates a wonderful tool for converting your own resistance into positive and efficient behavior.

What do you learn

During these two days I treat the character structures in a playful, in-depth way.

Knowledge of the dynamics of the character structures is given a place next to the skills of working in contact and in coordination with the other.

You get every opportunity to practice,
ask questions and get feedback.

This offer is for men and women from 28 years of age in all life stages who are willing to take
their lifeand work to a higher level.

Information & price

Locatie: Buurtboerderij, Westerpark

Data: zaterdag 23 en zondag 24 januari 2020 

Tijd: 10.00 – 16.30 uur

Deelnemers: min 10 – max 16

Taal: Nederlands

Prijs: € €230 (inclusief 2x lunch)

Voor inschrijving en verdere informatie mail aan ask@wonderwomanprojects.com

Graag o.v.v. naam, e-mail, telefoonnummer en naam cursus of Masterclass KS