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Change & commitment

Online training in 4 episodes, including one coach session,
including BONUS: free powerful activation meditation

Change means commitment. Commitment means saying yes and surrendering to your best knowledge. Awareness of yourself is essential for this. The character structures provide insight into your own
thinking and behavioral patterns. In addition to insight into yourself,
the theory also provides more insight into the nature and behavior of others. Take an unforgettable journey within yourself.

Reveal your treasure

Online training in 4 episodes, including one coach session,
including BONUS: free powerful activation meditation

Whether we’re facing a personal crisis, wanting a career that makes more sense, or facing unexpected changes in our lives, finding new ways to approach a situation is critical to break free from negativity and our own sabotage. Old stories create old routines and prevent new perspectives. Join us on a journey to the dark side of your existence and discover the true treasure that lies within you.

Wild Women – Womb wisdom

Online training in 2 episodes, including BONUS: free womb meditation

The deepest, oldest secrets of life lie in the womb of every woman.
The womb is the holiest temple and the most energetic place in your body. It is the place where your inner voice, the deepest guidance, clarity and silence live. It is the place where your creative expression and power come from. It is your original voice and connection to the web of life, the web of interdependence that connects all living things. Go on a Wild Woman journey to regain this loving power and to channel it to the right places.

Secret of the Desert

Online horse coach sesion live from Wadi Rum, Jordan by Sandra Jelly
including BONUS: free womb wisdom mediation

Horses invite you to soften your body, quiten your mind, communicate from the soul and connect in spirit. Hence the lead you to that quite authentic space where all falls into place, where you are in the moment, expand your awareness and be in harmony. This state gives you inspiration to transform your reality to match your authenticity. The horses immediately reflect a change in being hence giving you confidence in your expanded awareness and thus being the ultimate clear and loving coaches.

connect to your creative essence and wisdom