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Natasja Kok inspires women to connect to their creative essence and wisdom. She encourage them to transform their reality and consequently of their community to a more compassionate, inclusive and caring world. Each in their own divine way.
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Womb wisdom

The deepest, oldest secrets of life lie in the womb of every woman.
The womb is the holiest temple and the most energetic place in your body. It is the place where your inner voice, the deepest guidance,
clarity and silence live. It is the place where your creative expression
and power come from.


WWP Academy

‘ the Gorgeous Blooming You’
Join this transforming and powerful
6 month
Women Wisdom Program


WWP retreat

Expand and deepen your
womb wisdom in the beautiful
desert of

WWP masterclasses

Endulce yourself in abundance
join us on our beautiful journeys

let’s focus, flow and expand!

Ready for a energetic change? ‘The Gorgeous Blooming You’
is an Energetic Journey – 6 month online training.
Natasja will guide you in a magical transforming journey.
Get inspired and commited to transform your reality.



the Gorgeous Blooming You

Starting February 2021

“I want women to be able to follow a trajectory in which they will again feel energetically ‘connected’ with themselves for full focus & flow.

So that they can fully support themselves again in the field of ‘being a woman’ and/or ‘entrepreneur to be.”

A magical – six month online program – to own & impact your life!

See You Soon!

Womb Wisdom Retreat 2021

Expand and deepen your womb wisdom in the beautiful desert of Jordan. Connect to the wisdom of the fire, stars, wind, birds and horses
to guide you deep within. Listen to the whispers of your soul and be inspired to transform your reality.


WWP Blog

Posts and articles written by Natasja Kok

Hou Vol

Hou Vol  11 mei 2020 – door Natasja Kok Ik lees het wekelijks paginagroot in mijn favoriete krant, het hangt in ramen, verschijnt op social media en onze Rutte roept het: ‘Hou Vol’. In de vorige crisis ging ik als ondernemer onderuit. Voor ik het wist zat ik...

Vertrouwen in de Stilte

Mijn Corona stilte werd deze ochtend doorbroken door een app van mijn collega vriendin uit Jordanië. Die ging over stilte. De stilte die wij samen in onze retreats bieden. Waar we je in meenemen. Als nomaden trekkend door de woestijn. Zoekend naar juist die grondtoon...


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